Current awardees

Applications for the Engage Watermark are now open until 5th October.

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) has awarded the Engage Watermark to the following higher education institutions and faculties.

University of Birmingham (Silver Award, 2018)

"Innovation and engagement are at the heart of everything we do in Birmingham. We are committed to engaging with a wide variety of publics to improve the design and delivery of research and learning, exciting people about knowledge and discovery, and ensuring that our work makes an impact. We are enormously proud to have been awarded a Silver Engage Watermark and see it as a great opportunity to further develop our commitment and excellence in public engagement."
Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor, University of Birmingham

University of Dundee, School of Life Sciences (Gold Faculty Award, 2017)

"This award demonstrates the fantastic work and commitment to public engagement by the School of Life Sciences that has been built up over several years. Their achievement and approach to public engagement including partnership working with others across the University, the City of Dundee and beyond reflects our core University values of working together as a community, making a difference and pursuing excellence."
Professor Sir Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Dundee

The University of Manchester (Gold Award, 2018)

"I am delighted we have been awarded a Gold Watermark for our work on public engagement, which is a key part of our social responsibility agenda. This recognises the excellent track record we have for delivering and supporting public engagement and our ambitious plans to embed this work further."
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor, The University of Manchester

Queen Mary University of London (Gold Award, 2016)

"We’re delighted and extremely proud to receive the Engage Watermark. At QMUL we acknowledge public engagement as an integral part of research and teaching, and believe in creating and sharing knowledge with a broad range of public and community partners. To have this view recognised by being the first institution to be awarded an NCCPE Watermark at gold level is a fantastic achievement."
Professor Simon Gaskell, President and Principal of QMUL

University of Strathclyde (Silver Award, 2018)

"Engagement is not froth here, or cosmetic – it is engrained.  It is part of the 'Strathclyde way'."
Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Strathclyde

Wellcome Genome Campus (Silver Award, 2018)

"Genomics is rapidly becoming part of people’s everyday lives, and it’s our goal to enable everyone to explore this deeply personal science. We’ve been working hard to embed a culture of public engagement across the full range of staff and students on the Wellcome Genome Campus.  Achieving this Silver Watermark is a fitting testament to the efforts of everyone and our future plans for public engagement across the campus."
Dr Julian Rayner, Director, Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science