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2023 Engage Watermark Winners Announced

updated on 19 Dec 2023
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Four UK higher education institutions have been awarded the Engage Watermark, a charter mark recognising outstanding commitment to supporting public and community engagement.

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Higher education institutions face increasing pressure to ensure their research, knowledge and teaching involves, and benefits, their communities. Many are reassessing how they create and share knowledge, striving to work more inclusively and collaboratively with a range of communities – including voluntary and civic, industry, policy, arts, culture, and the public - to maximise the value of their work.    

How universities engage with communities is recognised by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) Engage Watermark - a charter mark awarded to universities for excellence in their support and practice of public engagement across all aspects of their work.  

The awards were announced live at the NCCPE Engage Online Conference 2023 on Wednesday 6 December.

The 2023 Engage Watermark winners are:

  • University of Manchester - awarded the Platinum Watermark, only the second university to be successful in achieving the Platinum award
  • The University of Nottingham - awarded the Silver Watermark
  • The Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics - awarded the Silver Watermark
  • The Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging- awarded the Silver Watermark

The winning institutions underwent a rigorous assessment process involving staff and students from across their campuses, and the partner organisations and communities working with them.

Sophie Duncan, Co-director of the NCCPE said “As well as challenging the sector and campaigning for change, the NCCPE also champions excellent practice. We’re thrilled to be able to award  a Watermark to four UK HE institutions for demonstrating their commitment to public engagement.  Watermark represents a significant achievement and recognises the many strengths that we discovered during the process such as strong and committed leadership, excellent professional support, and ambitious future plans."