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We help universities engage with the public

Plan it

Building strong foundations

It’s tempting to just jump into engaging with the public, but careful planning is an important step to ensuring that your activities are effective.

This section of the website is intended to help you plan your engagement activities. We have spent time listening to and learning from experienced and novice engagers alike to better understand what helps and have worked with them to develop this content.

There are resources to help you refine what you are hoping to achieve; to explore who you would like to engage with and to think about their needs and interests; to develop your project management skills; to plan appropriate evaluation for your work; and to explore some of the social and ethical issues that may arise when engaging with the public.

If you can’t find what you are looking for – do contact us as we would be pleased to help. And if you have any resources you have developed that you think would help others plan their work – do let us know.