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Know your Bristol

Know your Bristol brochure cover
Know your Bristol (KyB) is a collaborative project between the University of Bristol, Bristol City Council and several local community groups. It aims to enable people to explore and co-create research on Bristol’s history, heritage and culture using digital tools.

The Everyday Heroes of Postman's Park (mobile app)

People using Everyday Heroes mobile app
The Watts Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice in Postman's Park, London, contains fifty-four memorial tablets commemorating sixty-two individuals, men, women and children, each of whom lost their life while attempting to save another.


SUGAR image
SUGAR (Service User and carer Group Advising on Research) was established in 2009 to support the engagement, involvement and collaboration of mental health service users and carers in a programme of mental health nursing research. The project sought to ensure public involvement through all stages of the research process and develop meaningful relationships over a five-year period.

Educating Community Groups About Parasite Infection and its Impact

Child participating in educational activity
Globally, the biggest killer of people under fifty is infection. Many infections such as parasitic helminths are common in developing countries and are a major reason children in the developing world miss out on education. There are major initiatives to eradicate helminthiases by deworming school children, however education surrounding infection transmission is also of great importance.

Dance for Parkinson's

Dance for Parkinson's
Parkinson’s attacks people’s ability to move voluntarily: muscles become rigid, tremors develop and movement and thought slow down. Falls, mental illness and social isolation are accompanying problems. There is no cure and medication becomes unreliable over time. Our research found that dance encourages fluid movement that releases tension, gives respite from tremors and improves balance and stability.

Hospice volunteers

Hospice volunteers project
Patient public involvement/public engagement (PPI/PE) in palliative and end of life care can be particularly challenging to achieve. In palliative/end of life care, the content and focus of research often include topics that are highly emotive, with strategies for engaging the public in dialogue around this area not yet established.

EcoCentrix: Indigenous Arts, Sustainable Acts

ecocentrix flyer
EcoCentrix, was a free, interactive exhibition running for 17 days at Bargehouse in London. It provided unique opportunities for visitors to see, touch and hear contemporary performance-based arts from indigenous communities in the Americas, Australia, the Pacific and South Africa.

Celestial Sirens

Celestial sirens choir
University of Southampton The Celestial Sirens is an amateur choir based in southern England that has been performing since 2002. The choir was initiated by researcher Laurie Stras and Deborah Roberts. The pair also co-direct the professional ensemble Musica Secreta. Celestial Sirens, both on its...

danceroom Spectroscopy (dS)

University of the West of England & University of Bristol danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) is a cutting-edge, interactive public engagement project that invites members of the general public to step into an interactive atomic simulation. Originally developed from Dr. David Glowacki’s research into...