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Community Research Partnerships Learning Programme summary report

The Community Research Partnerships Programme (CRLP) ran from May to December 2022. Funded by UK Research and Innovation, the primary focus of this work was to explore the potential for evidence-informed professional development for community and university leaders seeking to develop and enhance their work to engage with research and innovation. 


updated on 09 Oct 2023
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A consortium led by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) and the Young Foundation working alongside the University of Brighton; Trust for Developing Communities; Staffordshire University; the Get Talking network; and the British Science Association (BSA), carried out a research and co-design process to the explore the following question:

‘What role could a professional development offer play in building capacity for more embedded, effective and equitable involvement of communities in Research & Innovation?’

This summary report sets out our collective findings and recommendations to help inform existing and future work to build the capacity and capabilities for a range of actors involved in Community Research Partnerships (CRP).