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UKCPN logoIt can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task knowing where to begin with community-university partnerships (CUPs), and it’s easy to get put off by the hurdles or problems before you even get to considering solutions. So, we have put together a selection of information which we hope might make things easier!

Written by community partners, or academics, or spotted as we met with people doing similar types of partnership work here and abroad, they all focus on setting up or maintaining good, strong partnerships that benefit all those involved. 

Some of the issues that community partners have raised in the past are listed below, if you identify with any of them then read on as you might find the solution you’re looking for.

  • Negotiating different cultures
  • Agreeing and managing expectations
  • The balance of power and equity
  • Funding and capacity
  • General communications
  • Using student placements effectively

We’re keen to build on these resources – so if you have or know of any further information sources, flag them up to us via our 'Connect with us' section.