What do research staff do next?

Vitae, in collaboration with Naturejobs and other partners, are investigating the careers of research staff who moved from research posts in European higher education institutions to other employment sectors.

Their aim is to develop a better understanding of how researchers transition, what careers do they have and their reflections on the transition process and current career paths.

They have some knowledge of the first few years of researchers’ career paths after their doctoral degree through Vitae's 'What do researchers do?' series, but very little is known about subsequent career stages, particularly for those who were initially employed as researchers in higher education. The project will examine how and why early career researchers who have been employed in postdoctoral positions leave higher education and enter other occupations.

If you have previously worked in a European higher education institution (as research staff, postdoctoral researcher or on fellowships), they would love to hear about your career path. Please participate in our 'What do research staff do next?' survey at: