SCUTREA Call for proposals

SCUTREA conference

It’s all adult education

University of Leeds, UK

The Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA) Conference provides a platform for researchers and professionals who engage with the education of adults and lifelong learning to address key areas of national and international concern. This year the conference theme 'It's All Adult Education' is also seeking to reach out to those researchers and practitioners whose work may not be primarily focused on adults and lifelong learning but who have developed a keen interest in this area.

Papers, round tables and poster sessions at this conference are invited to explore the education of adults within the contemporary context of austerity, neoliberal economic policies, increasing inequalities and also in an era of declining trust in political elites and policy-making. We are seeking to be attentive to the wide range of contexts and spaces where the research and practice of adult education and lifelong learning is located. Areas of interest include:

  • Innovative pedagogies which are focused on or encompass adult learning
  • Impact of national and international policies on the facilitation of formal / informal adult and lifelong learning
  • Methodological approaches to researching the education of adults in both formal and informal settings
  • How class, gender, ethnicity and disability impact or inform the research and / or practice of educators working with adult learners
  • Conceptual, theoretical, inter-disciplinary approaches which encompass the education of adults in a contemporary context
  • Importance of attitudinal factors such as resilience
  • Structural factors such as finance
  • The role of the geographical and historical context of places – in relation to place-based and place-responsive research and practice
  • Creative pedagogy in professional development and work-based settings
  • Role of reflective practice for adult educators and their learners

For further details, please visit the University of Leeds website.

The deadline for proposals is 5pm (GMT) on the 16 January 2015.