Science in Schools programme

The British Council in France manages the ‘Science in Schools’ programme, which involves UK-based researchers visiting French schools to deliver interactive, engaging and hands-on science workshops in English.

They are looking for people/teams to run new workshops in 2014 throughout France. You will need to be available for one week and, ideally, be a researcher and/or a Ph.D. student with a science background. Your workshop proposal must have been tested and approved in the UK, the Terms and Conditions of the workshops being: 

- The British Council, through French Ministry of Education funds or its own funds, will pay for travel, accommodation and subsistence for a UK team of up to 3 people, plus any products or materials needed (up to a total value of £1000) that are not available in French schools or paid for by other UK sources. Note that the British Council will not be able to cover fees.

- The workshops will take place in English, and must include hands-on activities for a class of French pupils aged most likely between 14 and 18.

- The duration of workshops must be between 2 and 4 hours -  there may be up to 10 workshops per week in total.

- Workshops will take place either in schools within a local authority (an “académie”), or in a French University that schools will travel to

- Researchers will be accompanied by a British Council staff member throughout the week.


If you are interested in taking part, please fill in this form and send it to Carole Hemard by 31st January 2014 at