Nuffield Research Placements: Call For Summer Hosts

Could you change someone’s life this summer?

Nuffield Research Placements provide over 1,000 Year 12 students each year the opportunity to work alongside scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians over a 4-6 week period in their summer holidays. We are looking for people to provide our students with placements in summer 2016. Can you help?

We have a lot of students in the South West who are particularly interested in biomedical research.

The Programme

The programme is run by the Nuffield Foundation and works through regional networks to link talented students with organisations undertaking research. It is a competitive programme and applicants are among the strongest STEM students in their schools.

We have a focus on supporting students who do not have a family history of higher education and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and we are reaching more of these students year-on-year. We provide travel costs for all students and an additional bursary for those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds (in 2015 this was 46% of our students).

The majority of placements thus far have been in the sciences, part-funded by the Research Councils and the Wellcome Trust, with the UK's leading universities and research institutes and companies such as Unilever hosting placements. Last year we ran a pilot to increase the number of mathematics, statistics and computing related placements, in particular around the use of quantitative methods in social sciences and in industry. This links to our wider work on supporting quantitative methods in the social sciences, in particular the recently launched £19.5 million Q-Step programme which aims to address the critical shortage of social scientists with quantitative skills. Following the success of this pilot we are keen to expand the number of placements in this area.

Providing a placement will give you the opportunity to share your expertise and inspire the next generation of researchers. In addition, our students will make a significant contribution to one of your projects.

Next Steps

If you are interested, please email Sophie Robinson ( The process is straightforward and your regional coordinator will provide help and guidance throughout.

You can also visit our website to see project providers sharing their experience of hosting a Nuffield student: