New online public engagement training courses

Bookings are now open for our new online training courses. For those looking to skill up during lockdown, our courses cover a range of topics including community engagement, evaluation and meaningful online engagement. Learn from our expert team of associates in an interactive, dynamic environment.

We know that continuing to build skills and knowledge is as important now as it ever was. As those keen to engage the public are seeking new ways to interact with audiences, we are keen to support them to engage well. Therefore we are offering 6 new online courses which will help you to adapt to current ways of engaging. The courses available are:

  • Meaningful Online Engagement
  • High Quality Public Engagement
  • Introduction to Community Engagement
  • Evaluation: Developing Your Approach
  • Working in Partnership- for researchers
  • Engaging the Public with Controversial Areas of Research

In a succinct and engaging two and a half hour session, our online courses provide opportunities to network with colleagues, share your own expertise and ideas and ask plenty of questions. We also offer follow up 1:1 slots for delegates to delve a bit deeper into their individual questions and ideas with one of our trainers.  

A recent attendee at our ‘High Quality Public Engagement’ course said:

“Smoothest and most professional online session I've ever attended. The two facilitators were a great team, delivery was seamless and introduced me to some great online platforms I've never experienced before”

To find out more about our training offer and submit an enquiry if you’re interested in booking a course for staff at your institution, visit our training page.