New journal advancing public engagement with research

Research for All

We are delighted to announce the first issue of Research for All, a ground-breaking open-access journal that focuses on the importance of public engagement to research and provides a platform for creative thinking about how and where academic disciplines meet with real-world problems.

Academic analysis, practical commentary and case studies provide critical reflection on how research can be conceived, developed, disseminated and applied in partnership with those not formally involved in the research community. Peer-reviewed contributions, many co-written by academic and non-academic partners, feature engagement in research carried out in any field of study, with collaborators in any chosen community, industry or organization and in any part of the world. Drawing on this rich field, Research for All launches with a bumper issue which, as editors Sophie Duncan and Sandy Oliver explain, introduces readers and prospective contributors to the range of content and thoughtful contributors that will define the journal.

Our first issue features articles on:

The issue also includes a range of articles on devices for engagement, participatory approaches and culture change, as well as a review of Creating Living Knowledge: The Connected Communities Programme. For the full list of contents and authors, please see the journal website.

Research for All is free to write for and free to read. We invite contributions about engaged research in any area of study at any time. For more information, visit the journal website or contact the managing editor, Pat Gordon-Smith (

Research for All is a collaboration between the UCL Institute of Education and the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), and is published by UCL IOE Press. Advancing a culture of public engagement is a central commitment for the NCCPE and for UCL.

We would like to thank the authors and associate editors who have worked so hard on the articles, and hope you enjoy this first issue. The second issue will be published in July 2017.

Sophie Duncan (NCCPE) 
Sandy Oliver (UCL Institute of Education)
Editors, Research for All

Pat Gordon-Smith
Managing Editor, Journals