NERC UnEarthed showcase event

NERC is offering an opportunity for researchers to run public engagement activities as part of the NERC 2017 showcase. Running from 17-20 November, the event aims to engage visitors with research of the natural world, connecting specifically to ground and underground science.

The showcase will be based at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, and will comprise of approximately 20 hands-on exhibits, talks and debate, and science buskers. Visitors will include families and young people, policy makers and NERC are also hoping to attract people who do not usually interact with science.

The NCCPE is supporting NERC in their search for activities for the showcase.

There are 2 types of activity that can be applied for:

  1. Exhibitors – engaging indoor hands-on activities or live-science demonstrations at Dynamic Earth

  2. Buskers– engaging outdoor demonstration or activity outside of Dynamic Earth, including busking whilst visitors are queueing, on the crag or in and around Edinburgh city centre

To find out more about what NERC is looking for, and to apply to get involved, please download the application guidelines. Please note you can apply as an individual or as a team, but you need to be available for both the event (17-20 November for exhibitors; 17 and 20 for buskers) and the exhibitors’ workshop on the 18th July in Edinburgh.

Ready to apply? Then please complete our application form here.

Application deadline: Monday 3rd July