NCCPE Engage Conference 2014 calling for contributors

We are now calling for contributors to submit their proposals for a session at our national Engage Conference 2014. The conference, which takes place on the 3rd and 4th December in Bristol, provides an opportunity for all those interested in HEI public engagement to come together, to be inspired, challenged and refreshed. We are keen to see conversations and ideas build year on year, and ensure that Engage provides a thoughtful and interesting space to take our collective thinking forward.

We are inviting several different types of contribution to our conference (see below). To find out more about the conference and to submit a proposal, please visit the engage conference pages.

Deadline for submission: 2nd September

Workshop: Workshops will be 1 hour in length, and should be interactive in nature – including either small group discussions, interactive exercises, arts based approaches to engagement etc.

Story telling: We will host story telling sessions where we will offer the opportunity for delegates to hear up to three stories. Story tellers will have a maximum of 8 minutes to share their story, and we actively encourage story tellers to tell their story in imaginative ways (although powerpoint will be available for those unable to live without it)

Presentation: These 30 minute sessions will offer delegates the opportunity to hear about a specific topic or project. It is anticipated that the presenter will speak for up to 15 minutes, leaving the rest of the session for Q&A

Engagement encounters: Do you have an engagement project you would like to share. Encounters offers the opportunity to bring your engagement activity to Engage and encourage delegates to try it out. This might be something you are really proud of, or an idea you want to test out. Engagement encounters can be anything from 5 minutes to an hour in duration.

Poster showcase: If you would like to contribute a poster to the conference then please let us know. Please note that posters should be designed to attract people to come to talk to you. Posters will be shared online before the event.

Seminars: These 2 hour sessions are an opportunity to explore a topic in more depth, or to bring together a specific community of people. Please explain in your application why a seminar is more suitable than a workshop for the session you are proposing.