NCCPE Consultation: Training and CPD

The NCCPE's vision is of universities deeply engaged with society: where knowledge, learning and expertise move more freely between higher education institutions and the wider world. Therefore we aim to inspire and equip universities to make a difference through their engagement. 

We work on three broad fronts to achieve our vision:

  • Supporting excellent public engagement practice
  • Creating the conditions for public engagement to thrive in universities
  • Building strong networks and partnerships to amplify our impact

As the organisation flourishes, we are keen to ensure that what we offer is suitable to our target audiences, and that we are adapting our provision to meet emergent needs. Therefore we have decided to take stock of the work we currently do, to test out our current provision, and to explore if and how it should change.

Our first focal point in this exercise is a consultation on training and continuing professional development (CPD). The NCCPE has developed a range of resources to support capacity building in the sector, across our three main areas of work. We see the training courses as an introduction to an institution, and an opportunity to develop and enhance our relationship with them. We are also keen for people to see excellent training in practice.

We're interested in hearing from a range of different voices including:

  • Public engagement professionals and supporters in the sector
  • Researchers with a variety of experiences of public engagement
  • Members of our public engagement ambassador scheme and other public engagement networks
  • Funders of research and public engagement
  • Organisational leaders and champions of public engagement

If you take part in our survey you will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 amazon voucher.

There are a number of ways to get involved:

Complete our survey

Take part in a focus group

Offer to host a focus group

Take part in an interview