NCCPE and STFC launch new Wonder Match programme

Image credit: SMASHFestUK

The NCCPE is pleased to announce that we are working with the Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) to launch Wonder Match, a series of partnership-building events that are designed to support community organisations and STFC-funded scientists and engineers to explore collaborations that will allow diverse audiences to engage with STFC science and technology.

Connecting people from all backgrounds

Science and technology can inspire people from all backgrounds: it’s exciting, it’s accessible, and it leads to many types of rewarding work. However, we know that the playing field isn’t level – there are areas all across the UK where people don’t have the same opportunities to explore science and technology, and children who end up feeling that it’s not for them. Wonder Match events are about changing that - connecting people from all backgrounds with science and technology and listening, understanding, and responding to what people want to know.

Wonder Match events

The Wonder Match events are designed to bring people together - scientists and engineers who are keen to engage the public with their work, and organisations with expertise in working with underserved audiences. The events support community organisations and researchers to find each other, and to gain a small amount of funding to explore a partnership approach to developing public engagement activities.

How to get involved

Do you have expertise working with underserved audiences or young people? Are you keen to support them to engage with science? Or are you a scientist or engineer who has a hunger to share the wonder of their research with others, and keen to learn from others about how to engage? Then the Wonder Match programme could be perfect for you.

Upcoming events will be held in Leicester (8th October), Glasgow (12th November), Manchester and Birmingham.

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