How will universities engage in the future? Engaged Futures report launch

What might an Engaged University of the future be like? What are the key changes / forces of change that may affect its engagement models? What can we do to ensure that universities remain relevant and engaged with society? 

To answer these questions, the NCCPE commissioned a consultation to consider the future of the engaged university. Over 200 people got involved, including community based organisations, cultural organisations, charities, higher education staff and students sharing their insights into how universities might engage in the future. Their insights and contributions opened up new ways of thinking about engagement. 

The consultation developed five visions of the future of the engaged university including:

Space and Place: Universities are seen and behave as a resource for the real world, exemplified in how they integrate with their localities and share space and place.

Digital Media and Open Data: Knowledge is open and accessible to the public. Universities collectively and individually prioritise initiatives to support open data and digital engagement with HEIs.

Engaged Research: The whole research endeavour is more open, transparent, accountable, inclusive, collaborative and purposeful - to help understand and solve key societal challenges. 

Find out about the key findings, recommendations and some of the challenges that remain in developing the engaged universities of the future in our Engaged Futures report, or the Engaged Futures summary, which are now available here.  

The NCCPE wish to thank everyone who contributed to Engaged Futures consultation. If you haven’t contributed yet, it’s not too late to tell us what you think about the future of the Engaged University! Share your thoughts on our Engaged Futures blog.