Great British Bioscience Festival – call for exhibits

Date:08 November 2013

Application deadline: 15 January 2014


  • Up to £10,000available for the BBSRC research community to produce engaging exhibits in celebration of bioscience
    • Additional funds may be available to support projects with a broader reach, such as media work, if content is appropriate
  • Exhibits will be showcased in November 2014 in central London as part of the Great British Bioscience Festival
  • Each exhibit will be first shown in the local area of the host institution(s)
  • Successful applicants will have access to specialised training and support from BBSRC
  • Applications will be judged by an expert panel of academics, science communication professionals and experts in evaluation


In 2014 BBSRC will be marking 20 years of pioneering Great British Bioscience. To mark this important anniversary, the BBSRC are staging a platform to highlight world-leading bioscience at its best: the "Great British Bioscience Festival". This is part of a wider year-long programme of anniversary activities. The festival will provide exciting, engaging displays and activities to showcase BBSRC-funded science to a broad public audience across the UK.

The BBSRC expect to fund between 10 and 15 exhibits each of which will first be showcased to an audience local to the host institution before all coming together in central London in November 2014 for a three day festival.

It is expected that the festival will be launched by a VIP event on a Thursday evening where top stakeholders from government, academia, industry and the third sector will come together to view the exhibits. The exhibits will be open to all the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A press preview will be held on Thursday afternoon.

The BBSRC are looking for a range of exhibits that inform, engage and entertain.


To help you create an imaginative exhibit, up to £10,000 BBSRC funding will be available. The BBSRC will also provide support and advice to all successful applicants. This will include:

  • A specialised training event on exhibiting and press relations
  • Publicity for all successful applicants (working with institutions' press offices)
  • Phone, email, and face-to-face support and mentoring if needed

Additional funds may be available to support projects with a broader reach, such as media work, if content is appropriate

Institutional commitment

Successful applicants will be expected to sign a memorandum of understanding with BBSRC in which the exhibitors will commit, in return for funding and support from BBSRC, to:

  • Hold or participate in a minimum of one event showing the exhibit in your local area
  • Provide content for the online element of the festival, including at least text and images
  • Attend the Great British Bioscience Festival in central London in November
  • Cooperate in publicising the festival
  • Use the Great British Bioscience Festival branding in line with the branding guidelines

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit to

Successful applications will be announced in early February 2014.