EPSRC Science Photo Competition 2014


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council are looking to support excellence and promote the benefits of outstanding UK engineering and physical sciences through their annual Science Photo Competition. The competition is open to all EPSRC-supported researchers and EPSRC-supported doctoral students and is looking for images that will demonstrate research in action.

The overall winner of the competition will be awarded £500 worth of camera / photography equipment. A prize of £150 worth of camera / photography equipment will also be awarded to the winner of each category. Runners up in 2nd and 3rd place of each category will receive £25.00 worth of camera / photography equipment. All winning images will also be featured in EPSRC's Pioneer Magazine and other EPSRC publications.

The deadline for entries to the competition is the 01 December 2014.

For further details on the competition, please visit the EPSRC website.