Creating Connections – museum university partnership sandpit events

The Museum and University Partnership Initiative (MUPI) has been allocated £10,000 from Arts Council England to support organisations in planning museum and higher education partnerships in the North East and East Midlands regions.

The fund will be awarded through 2 Creating Connections Sandpit events which will bring together participants to plan innovative projects in interdisciplinary cross-sector teams. Only attendees at the sandpit may apply to the fund.

The fund 

A major challenge facing museum and higher education partnerships is that it is difficult for people from the two sectors to meet, discuss, and plan project ideas. This fund will address this issue by bringing together academics and museums professionals; providing them with the opportunity to discuss project ideas and pitch for grants to help resource project planning. 

The sandpit events

Find out more and apply to attend the North East sandpit event here.

Find out more and apply to attend the East Midlands sandpit event here.