C2Uexpo 2017: Call For Proposals

C2Uexpo 2017 will celebrate and showcase community-campus partnerships – local, national and global – which advance social, health, environmental, educational and collective strategies supporting transformation for the common good.

In a time with so many complex challenges (reconciliation, housing affordability, drug deaths, rape cultures on our campuses, climate change issues, and more), we need community-academic partnerships for creating knowledge that addresses issues of social, environmental, economic, educational, health, sexual, justice, etc. C2Uexpo 2017 will be held in Vancouver in May 2017.

C2Uexpo invite proposals that:

  • Highlight the impacts that community-campus partnerships are making in society, communities, and lives of individuals.
  • Showcase innovative models, experiences and best practices of community-campus programs. 
  • Provide critical discussions about how partnerships and research initiatives contribute to, challenge, and create capacity for advancing the common good. 
  • Bring together community members and post-secondary faculty, staff and/or students in the development and delivery of the program, event, or installation.  

Preference will be given to joint proposals submitted by teams with academic and non-academic partners.

Deadline: 13th November 2016

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