ACU SARIMA Conference call for abstracts

Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the Southern African Research & Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) SARIMA are holding an international conference between 12-14 May 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa, themed 'Research and innovation for global challenges'. It aims to bring together research institutions, funders, policymakers, and the private sector in an open, honest, and international dialogue.

2015 is a critical year for global policy on international development. In their new global development policy frameworks, donors and policymakers must include specific provision for the contributions of scientific and technological endeavour. Key research and innovation constituencies – including universities, funders, policymakers, and the private sector – must be able to address global challenges through their day-to-day operations. Stakeholders – including universities, the business community, and civil society – must ensure that the research agenda and its outputs are relevant.

The call for abstracts is now open, as is delegate registration. To find out how to submit an abstract, please visit the ACU SARIMA website.