Research for All Journal Seminar

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 10:30am to 4:30pm
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Research for All is an open-access peer-reviewed international journal. Launched in 2017, it has published 5 issues (2 per year) containing over 70 articles, many of which are co-produced. The journal provides a focal point for debate and thinking about the challenges of designing, delivering and leading engaged research in any area of study, articulating the case for engaged scholarship and contributing to culture change. It has achieved over 9,000 article downloads in 2 years and is proving a great vehicle for sharing multiple perspectives on engaged research. A partnership between the UCL Institute of Education, NCCPE and UCL IOE Press, Research for All has engagement at its heart with support from 30 associate editors from across the world.

If you have any queries, please contact Joe Gillett:

The journal editors invite you to join them at the Research for All seminar, an opportunity to:

- Reflect on the journal to date
- Discuss key themes reflected in journal content
- Consider what more we can do to encourage a greater diversity of people from across the world to contribute their knowledge and expertise of engaged research to Research for All.

Draft Agenda

10.30   Welcome
10.40   Keynote presentation: Engaged Research – why does this matter?
            Richard Holliman, Professor of Engaged Research, Open University
11.00    Research for All – what have we learnt?
            Sandy Oliver and Sophie Duncan, editors Research for All
11.30    Group discussion: Missing stories
            What can we do practically to encourage a wider diversity of contributions?
12.10    Evaluating for mutual benefit: lessons from UCL
            Niccola Hutchinson-Pascal and Gemma Moore (UCL Public Engagement Unit)
12.30    Lunch: opportunity to network with other delegates
1.30      Engaged research stories
            Short presentations of engaged research from Research for All contributors
2.00     Open Space discussions: Opportunities and challenges for Research for All
3.15      Coffee break
3.30     Reflections on the road ahead Becky Francis and Paul Manners
4.10      Delegate activity: Our reflections on the road ahead
4.30     END