Public Engagement at the heart of a University’s strategic approach: Warwick Institute of Engagement

Date and Time: 
Thursday, November 10, 2022 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
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Warwick Institute of Engagement Culture Festival

Join us on Thursday 10th November at 1.30 - 3pm for the second event in the NCCPE 'Leadership in Action' online seminar series, hosted by Professor Michael Scott and Dr Andrew Todd, Directors of the Warwick Institute of Engagement (WIE).

Michael and Andrew will discuss how they have, over the last 2 years, developed WIE as a pan-University hub for public and community engagement, supporting the delivery of the University of Warwick’s strategic objectives.

Along with other speakers from the University and from the local region, they will share how WIE delivers comprehensive training and a curated public events programme for staff and students, in collaboration with regional partners, and key public and community engagement programmes and initiatives - the goal being high-quality engagement, collaboration and co-production across the University and its community partners.

Please join us for an open, honest and inspiring opportunity to share ideas, tips and practice.

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The Leadership in Action online seminar series invites people who have led successful public engagement initiatives in their institutions to share the lessons learned, and reflect on the leadership tactics needed for sustained change. The sessions will be full of practical and inspirational ideas about leadership.

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