Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy - 'What Works' event

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
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Location: Wellcome, Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE

Participants: This event is for researchers, public engagement professionals and other stakeholders with an interest in or experience of public engagement with genome editing

Cost: Free of charge

Do you have experience of engaging the public with genome editing or related fields? Are you a researcher in the field of genome editing? If so, we need your help!

The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE), working in partnership with the Wellcome Genome Campus (WGC), has been funded by Wellcome to deliver the Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) programme. The goal is to develop innovation and collective impact in public engagement within genome editing. We aim to bring together those with experience of engaging (or supporting others to engage) the public in genome editing and related fields, to synthesise learning, create tools to be shared, and to encourage high quality public engagement.

Genome editing (or gene editing) refers to the precise modification of a selected DNA sequence in a living cell. This area of research has potential for application in a wide range of areas in human, animal and environmental health. Given the transformative nature of this research, there are profound challenges in ensuring that the public are effectively engaged in both basic and clinical research, challenges which are made more urgent by the pace of discovery in this particular research area.

The NCCPE recently started a mapping exercise to better understand current and planned activity which seeks to engage the public with this fast moving area of research. From this mapping, it appears that:

  • the bulk of our activity may be targeted at inspiring an already interested public with genome editing;
  • engagement with broader audiences is typically facilitated through the media, partnerships with schools or public dialogues;
  • genome editing technologies are being used as a focal point to inspire audiences, however it isn’t currently clear if we were engaging people with ethical considerations/implications of using these tools.

We are curious to find out whether these suggestions are in fact the case – and keen to hear from people working in this area to better understand the texture of the landscape.

This event is the first of three events looking to explore public engagement with genome editing in greater detail. 

 11am – 1pm

Session 1:

Introduction to GEPES

Aimed at anyone interested in finding out about the GEPES project, or contributing to it. In this session we will share the initial results of our mapping exercise and will offer delegates an opportunity to explore the aims and feed into the design of the project, to ensure that the outcomes are effective.

1pm – 2pm


There will be a networking lunch for participants of both sessions

2pm – 4pm

Session 2:

What Works

Aimed at anyone with experience of public engagement with genome editing, this session will be an opportunity to explore lessons learnt, synthesis learning and consider the resources needed to accelerate public engagement in this important area.

Please note – we will prioritise places at session 2, to those who have contributed to the call for evidence

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