Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) event

Date and Time: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 10:00am to 4:30pm
Wellcome Collection, London
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Are you interested in public engagement with genome editing? If so this event is a great opportunity to find out what we have been learning about developing effective approaches to engaging different groups with this rapidly changing area of science.

We have been working with the Wellcome Genome Campus and a wide range of organisations and individuals around the country to develop resources to support more effective support for public engagement with genome editing.

The event provides a great opportunity to test out the resources, share your ideas, contribute to developing a learning framework to inform future work, or take part in a roundtable exploring the potential of a coordinated national approach to public engagement with genome editing.

The Genome Editing Public Engagement Synergy (GEPES) workshop will be taking place on the 31st July, 2018 between 10:00am - 4:30pm at Wellcome Collection, London. 

This event follows on the first event held in October 2017. It will provide an opportunity to share ideas, news and resources and to invite your input into key aspects of the GEPES work, and to look collectively at next steps. 

Key items on the agenda will include:

  • Learning framework – work with us to develop our learning framework for genome editing, considering the many places people can learn about genome editing (e.g. school, peers, family, media), and how can our engagement support them?
  • Resources – what language and metaphors work best when engaging the public with Genome editing? Test out this and our other pilot resources to see how they could be used in your work. Let us know what’s missing? What’s useful? And help us think through how these tools can be used by others in the sector.
  • Evaluation – find out about our draft approach to evaluating public engagement with genome editing. Get support for evaluating your work, understanding your publics, and assessing the outcomes from your engagement, and help us build a resource to support us to evaluate what we do.
  • Training - Have you got great ideas about how to train others to engage with genome editing? Find out about the Wellcome Genome Campus's experiences of developing training for their researchers, as part of the GEPES programme.

The day will also include an opportunity to join the following sessions:

  • A round table discussion exploring if and how to develop a national conversation around genome editing. Specifically focussed on organisations keen to collaborate on developing an approach – this session will explore purpose; participants (including publics and partners); potential approaches; and next steps.
  • An exploration of international perspectives on engaging with genome editing. This is an opportunity to input into our international online symposium for engagement with genome editing – to draw learning from across the world. Find out more about the event, shape its content, and tell us how it could help you with your work. 

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Image courtesy of Wellcome Genome Campus