Critical Conversations: Co-producing Research with Community Researchers

Date and Time: 
Friday, September 22, 2017 - 10:00am to 4:00pm
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Convened in partnership with the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement programme

Participants: This event is for academics working with and/or training Community Researchers 

Venue: University of Bristol, Bristol

Cost: Free of charge

‘In the name of disrupting old inequalities...we find ourselves feeling deeply torn and deskilled, working outside our areas of expertise without support...we see academics taking on the role of community organisers, without the experience or deep relationships needed to take on this work successfully….we see community partners taking on research roles without wishing to engage with existing research literature or the basics of research training.’

Are you an academic working with or training community/peer researchers? Are you interested in opening an honest and critical space which can confront some of the assumptions, challenges and pitfalls that working with community researchers can entail? Are you keen to find ways to develop new cross-disciplinary thinking about the role and training of community researchers in research partnerships? Then join the NCCPE and the Productive Margins: Regulating for Engagement research programme for this one-off round-table event. 

Community researchers have become a relatively typical feature in co-produced and participatory research approaches and can be seen as the practical embodiment of an attempt to radically redistribute power within the research process. However, there is a risk that in celebrating the epistemological stance that working with community researchers represents, meaningful discussions about difficult emergent issues - such as positionality, community 'representation', training dilemmas, and the critical experientially-rooted voices of the community researchers themselves - are lost.  This roundtable is part of a series aiming to confront some of the difficult and uncomfortable challenges that the notion of community researchers can present to the research process. We aim to develop new critical understandings and focus on innovative solutions for practical application in the future

This event is the second in a series of three roundtables (see details below) each of which builds on and informs the others. 

This final event will be hosted at the NCCPE's Engage 2017 conference and will invite all community researchers and academics from previous events to join a conversation together, and opening opportunities for others interested in this work to participate. 

Roundtable attendees are invited to submit papers about their engagement work to Research for All offering an opportunity to open the conversation to others keen to explore the nature and role of community researchers.

The Roundtable Events:

  • Event 1'Community Researchers – Making Co-Production Happen?' Attendees: community-based/peer researchers.  Date: 18th September 2017 Time: TBC Venue: Birmingham. NB: This workshop has been funded by the connected communities catalyst fund. Contact Helen Thomas-Hughes for more details:
  • Event 2: 'Critical Conversations: Co-producing Research with Community Researchers' Attendees: Academics working with and/or training Community Researchers Date: Friday, September 22, 2017 Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm. Venue: University of Bristol, Bristol
  • Event 3: ENGAGE Conference 2017 - 'Focusing In - Community Researchers in the UK'. Attendees: bringing together the academics and community-based researchers from the two previous events Date: 6th & 7th December 2017. Time: 2pm Venue: Bristol Marriot Hotel 

If you would like to apply to participate in Roundtable Event 2:'Critical Conversations: Co-producing Research with Community Researchers' then please complete the booking form, ensuring you address all the questions. 

This event has limited spaces available and spaces will be allocated based on the information in your application form. Please be aware that, in submitting this application, you are agreeing to attend the day in full. Non-attendance or early departure will result in a charge.

For any enquires, please contact Lisa Adlington via

*Facer, K. and Enright, B. (2016). Creating Living Knowledge: The Connected Communities Programme, community-university relationships and the participatory turn in the production of knowledge, Bristol: University of Bristol/AHRC Connected Communities.