What to expect from Engage this year…

We’re really delighted to invite you all to join us at our Engage Festival running from the 30th November to the 4th December. We have a week-long treat of engagement opportunities which we hope will entice you to get involved.

Everyone’s experience of our current context is different, and we have therefore timetabled our content to be suitable for a range of availabilities and engagement preferences. We are expecting people to curate their own unique engagement experience, picking and choosing from the options on offer – and enabling a conference that is tailored to you.

So what can you expect?

Thought provoking plenaries: Our plenaries provide an opportunity for the full conference to get together, to hear from a range of different people from across the sector and beyond. With the option for smaller discussion groups and quiet reflection spaces, the plenaries cater for those who want to discuss their responses, and those who want to reflect differently on what they have heard.

Innovative networking spaces: We know the value of the conference is in you – the people who choose to attend. With less queuing for coffee, and mingling between sessions, we are using the best of current thinking about online networking to create a range of opportunities to meet new people, and catch up with old friends.

Wide ranging workshops: we were delighted to have so many people wanting to contribute to the conference, and have a smorgasbord of delights to tantalise every taste bud. From in-depth interactive discussion groups to panel presentations; stories from the story store, to learning from practice; professional development to exploring new futures for engagement; learning from outside the HE sector, to a crafternoon where we make and chat  – we are sure you will find sessions to suit. Our workshops are being hosted on a range of different platforms, and range in size from 6 participants to over 100.

Event programme: don’t you always long to try out someone else’s engagement programme? We will host two engagement events for our delegates’ delight. So make sure you have time spare on Monday and Wednesday evening.

Open Mic session: love to hear about other people’s practice? Want to share a highlight from your own work – then this session is for you. Bring drinks and snacks and participate in a showcase event, enabling us to get new insights into work that is happening across the world

Livestreaming: the rich content will be complemented by our live stream, an opportunity to share what is happening across the 5 days with others. We will be encouraging delegates, workshop contributors, and plenary speakers to share what they are learning and experiencing live as the event unfolds, as well as showcasing edited highlights from plenaries and workshops.

So although Engage is a new format this year, all the key ingredients will be there - accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a connected device.

Do come and share the experience with us. We can’t wait to see you there!

Find out more, see the draft programme, and book your place! 

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