All photos © Paul Evans 2015 (Top image: An excellent reaction to the variety of work from on-site artists. Right image: The on-site animation studio. Left image: The CAER HEDZ emerge into the light of day from an Iron Age post-hole.)

Engage Competition 2014 winner, the CAER Heritage Project, tell us about what they've been up to over the summer...

CAER Heritage Project community digs are nothing if not ground-breaking (no pun intended) but this time we really fCAER HEDZeel that we have pioneered a first in archaeology – by creating a hi-tech animation studio directly on site.

Working with CAER Heritage Project lead artist Paul Evans and film maker Jon Harrison, pupils from Glyn Derw High School and Michaelston Community College worked in small groups with the latest technology to create short stop-motion animation sequences for our new film ‘CAER HEDZ’.

Then, during lunchtime, everyone on site – including young people, community volunteers and Cardiff University archaeologists – downed tools CAER HEDZto each make an individual ‘Celtic Head’ based on Iron Age examples. Over 40 heads were made in this way – revealing an amazing amount of skill and creativity – and contributing to ‘a unique, collective, creative moment’.

Eight of these heads have been used to create lip-synched animations for the film, with local voices from volunteers that were interviewed in The Hubs Community Centre at an earlier date.

Towards the end of the working day all of these heads were placed in an arrangement around one of the post-hole excavations – emerging, as it were, from the deep past! 

Watch the film here

You can also watch the making of CAER HEDZ here.

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