University of Edinburgh

Why we've signed the Manifesto

"The University of Edinburgh pursues excellence in all its endeavours and recognises that the knowledge and skills of its staff and students are a significant resource to our society. Only by engaging with the local, national and international communities can the potential of this resource be fully realised. By committing to the NCCPE Manifesto on public engagement we are both recognising the value of our staff and students' work, and assuring that we will continue to strive to listen, engage, support and foster a free and fair society."

Professor Sir Timothy O'Shea BSc, PhD, FRSE, Principal of the University of Edinburgh

"The University of Edinburgh's commitment to the Manifesto shows that we value sharing what we know and working with others to develop and use our research. We will only be able to tackle the big global challenges of poverty, climate change, food shortages, water needs, diseases, urbanisation and more, by working together; scientists, engineers, social scientists, policy makers, education experts, health workers, medics and many more, within and outwith the university."

Professor Mary Bownes D.Phil, OBE, FRSE, Vice Principal and Professor of Developmental Biology, University of Edinburgh

Our approach to public engagement

The university currently has significant support for public engagement in place such as:

Strategic commitment via:

Leading the Edinburgh Beltane Beacon for Public Engagement

Staff development and student development opportunities via:

  • Participation in the Edinburgh Beltane’s Bursaries and Certificate
  • The Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships
  • Training opportunities for postgraduate students through the Transkills programme
  • Science communication course, currently an honours course elective (including a practical placement) but being developed as a taught masters

Reward and recognition via:

  • The Tam Dalyell Science Communication Prize
  • The Principal’s medal for community engagement

Opportunities for the staff and students to engage with the public via a number of public events, programmes and spaces:

Additionally the University is working with the student body through the Student Association, EUSA who have recently been awarded funding from the University to coordinate student volunteering and the OurEd project aims to inspire and engage students to get involved in social responsibility and sustainability at the University.  


Name: Professor Mary Bownes

Title: Senior Vice Principal External Engagement.


PA: Susan Ryan

Tel: 0131 650 5369