Newcastle University

Why we've signed the Manifesto

"Newcastle University has a strong tradition of working for public benefit through the co-creation of knowledge with a wide range of partners. Our Engagement and Place Strategy focuses on how we can improve the economy, health, social wellbeing and cultural richness of the places in which we operate. Our collaborative approach to engagement ensures that the benefits of our work are shared beyond the University and we are able to address real world challenges through our engagement which is rooted in our research and education excellence."

Professor Richard Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Engagement & Internationalisation

Our approach to public engagement

Engagement describes the ways in which the activity and benefits of our education and research can be shared and enhanced beyond the University. It is a multi-directional process with the aim of delivering mutual benefit for both the University and our external partners. These exchanges can take many forms, involving our staff, students and alumni, and require a long term view. Our engagement activities are wide ranging and include: co-creation of research; collaboration with businesses, voluntary groups and the creative sector; influencing policy; student placements; and public engagement in its many forms. In line with our institutional aspirational values our engagement activities will:

  • Be embedded in and representative of our research and education excellence
  • Be creative and innovative in working for the public good
  • Provide ideas and solutions that will have economic and social impact

Our public engagement hallmark

Engagement at Newcastle University spans so many different types of activity but one of our stand out models is Newcastle City Futures. This is a collaboration and innovation partnership, led by Newcastle University, creating shared opportunities to shape the future of the city. The programme is rooted in collaboration and innovation for the establishment of partnerships based on shared interests.

Newcastle City Futures, builds on the existing work undertaken by the research team at Newcastle University since 2014, and looks to diagnose the complex and interdependent challenges within our urban region, working collaboratively to co-design and implement initiatives and solutions in order to contribute to the life of the people and development of the area.

Our vision is to ensure the economic growth of the Newcastle, Gateshead and the rest of the North East where all people in the city equally enjoy positive well-being and good health irrespective of age.

Distinctively Newcastle City Futures…

  • develops partnerships based on shared interest,
  • is centred on cross-disciplinary working,
  • uses the quadruple helix approach of collaboration between universities, public sector, business and civil society.


Andrea Henderson, Engagement Manager