Newcastle University

Why we've signed the Manifesto

“As a UK Beacon for Public Engagement, Newcastle University is strongly committed to the manifesto and beyond the Beacon initiative we continue to collaborate with the wider public in ways which positively contribute to society.  The benefits of public engagement can be felt not only in teaching, where there is opportunity for both public and private good, but also in engaged research, which is far more likely to lead to meaningful outcomes.  Universities should strive not just for academic excellence but for excellence with impact and this is best achieved when we’ve worked with our partners to identify societal challenges.  We are committed to developing this collaborative approach and to sharing our learning with others."

Professor Ella Ritchie, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Newcastle University

Our approach to public engagement

Newcastle University staff and students transform Newcastle’s Swing Bridge in to a garden for a weekend, August 2011Newcastle University is committed to improving the quality of research by bringing together academic experts with ‘experts by experience’ from outside the academic world.  As a world-class civic university, our engagement with civil society is integral to ensuring that our academic and professional activities have genuine economic, social and cultural benefits. In order to sustain a culture that supports and embeds public engagement at Newcastle:

  • We invest in personal and professional development to ensure a committed and enthusiastic staff and student body, enabled, enthused and supported to undertake public engagement
  • We believe in ‘experts by experience’ and seek ways for such expertise to inform our teaching and research
  • We develop sustainable relationships with our community partners built on equality and mutual benefit – we do not ask more of others than we would give ourselves
  • We share and celebrate our learning with our community partners, and with others  


Name: Kate Hudson

Title: University Engagement Manager


Tel: 0191 2228312