Marine Biological Association

Why we've signed the Manifesto

"The heart of the MBAs mission, as expressed in its Royal Charter objects, is to “promote the investigation, and to disseminate knowledge, of the seas and marine life…for the benefit of the public”. From its early beginnings (the MBA opened a pubic aquarium at its laboratory in Plymouth 1888 – “free to fishermen and schoolchildren” and ran holiday field courses open to the public from 1896) the MBA has developed into a world-class centre for education and outreach. Researchers, both employees and members of the Association, have a wide range of options for engagement from publishing in the internationally distributed magazine, The Marine Biologist, to teaching the public about marine life at training events (in 2016 for example, the Beach rangers project alone engaged 7,000 people)."

Matthew Frost, Deputy Director, Marine Biological Association.


Name: Matthew Frost

Title: Marine Biological Association