De Montfort University

Why we've signed the Manifesto

De Montfort University is a university of quality and is ‘a university that places research excellence and innovation at the heart of our mission’. We believe passionately that universities are a public good and we aim to carry out research and scholarly activities that combine the highest academic quality with significance for, and impact on, the wider society.

Public Engagement activities are embedded in many of our activities and the demonstration of tangible research impacts to funders, investors, partners and wider society is vital for the future, thus enhancing the visibility of our research and reinforcing our reputation as an engaged university.

Dominic Shellard, Vice-Chancellor, De Montfort University

Our approach to Public Engagement

 DMU’s public engagement accomplishments deliver within one Square Mile of our campus to countries all over the world.                                         

We continue to build on specific local initiatives (such as the internationally award-winning Square Mile project) in order to ensure that our engagement strategies are credible and distinctive. Community-engaged research is one of our key strategic priority areas for research and Mile2 demonstrates our commitment to this. 

Staff and students at DMU are committed to working with local, national and international communities through a wide variety of work and volunteering programmes.

Our research brings together local organisations, industry and academia to explore cross-sectorial collaborative workings.  Local projects vary from working to ease urban traffic congestion and reduce carbon emissions to providing opportunities to digitally access lost heritage sites.  The international reach of the university’s research is substantial, ranging from areas as diverse as the Cuban health system to a project which aims to bring reliable electricity to rural Africa.  De Montfort University works with international, national and regional communities to disseminate the results of its research for the benefit of wider society.


Name: Nigel Wright

Title: Pro Vice-Chancellor Research & Innovation/Dean, Faculty of Technology