Birkbeck, University of London

Birbeck imageBirkbeck’s radical founding principles continue – nearly 200 years later – to guide our mission to engage with people outside of academia. This mission, along with Birkbeck’s unique foundation of evening teaching, enables students from diverse social and educational backgrounds to access a research-intensive learning environment and high-quality research training, supporting students in developing excellence in their chosen fields.  

“We believe public engagement is an essential part of a strong research culture that supports interdisciplinary study and acknowledges the importance of non-academic expertise” Professor David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck 

Public Engagement with research at Birkbeck honours our commitment to making research results available to society; working with external partners and organisations, and creating opportunities for knowledge exchange. Additionally, our Public Engagement aims to support and build research excellence, foster community and provide access to education.  

“Our researchers have a strong belief in their role as ‘public researchers’ and making sure their work is not only visible and accessible to non-academic audiences but also contributes positively to society.” Professor David Latchman, Master of Birkbeck 

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Mary-Clare Hallsworth, Public Engagement Coordinator


T: 020 7380 3230

Twitter: @MCHallsworth