Consultation responses

REF 2021 Consultation Discussion Paper

This document was a companion resource to an event hosted by the NCCPE r.e. the REF 2021 consultation.

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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The purpose of this document was to foreground what we considered to be the most significant issues with the clarity, appropriateness and consistency of the REF 2021 guidance. Key recommendations were outlined about how these might be addressed in revisions to the guidance. We presented the rationale for and some of the detail of our proposed response at the workshop on the 14th September.

We invited participants to come prepared to contribute to and build on our thinking and approach. Throughout this briefing document we highlighted prompt questions which we hope participants would consider in advance. We also invited them to bring references to or examples of frameworks, tools or resources which they thought we could usefully include in our response. We also invited them to come prepared to share other issues and challenges with the guidance which we hadn't foregrounded, which they thought important to address during the consultation.

The event report can be found here: REF 2021 Consultation Event Report