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REF 2021 Consultation Event Report

From September 2018

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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This is a report of a consultation event run by the NCCPE on September 14th 2018. Over 80 delegates joined us to consider the current consultation on the draft REF guidance. The event closed with a panel discussion between: 

  • Steven Hill (Head of Research at Research England chair of the REF Steering Group)
  • Imran Khan (Head of Public Engagement at Wellcome and member of REF Main Panel A)
  • Sophie Duncan, NCCPE (chair).

A series of table discussions addressed the following topics:

  • Equality and diversity: the briefing paper identified the absence of references to Equality and Diversity in the draft documents. Tables were invited to discuss how best to address this
  • Rigour and robustness of evidence: the briefing paper outlined our proposal to highlight the importance of rigour in assessing impact. Tables considered this and fed back on the suggested framing and wording of the response
  • Consistency and coherence: four tables reviewed the NCCPE’s suggestions for how more consistency and clarity could be achieved particularly in relation to Annex A of the Draft criteria, which lays out a set of exemplar indicators of impact
  • Capacity building: tables stood back from the details of the consultation to consider the capacity building challenges linked to the REF, and to feedback on the NCCPE’s suggestions of how they might offer tools and training in this area

 A companion resource to this discussion is also available: REF 2021 Consultation Discussion Paper