High Quality Engagement Resources

A collection of tools and resources to help you develop your approach to high quality public engagement. 

updated on 09 Oct 2023
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Think about your engagement skills

A set of varied skills are needed to develop and support high-quality engagement. The resources below explore three perspectives: the skills that Public Engagement Professionals need to support colleagues to develop excellent practice; the engagement skills researchers need to engage effectively; and the skills needed to lead public engagement, including a 'deep dive' into the expertise needed to lead environmental engagement.

How to guides: high quality engagement practice

The NCCPE site contains lots of guidance to help you design and evaluate quality public engagement, which you can access through our resources page. Here is a sample:

How to Guides: high quality support for public engagement

Creating effective support for public engagement requires very significant expertise. Here’s a selection of guides to help design and deliver a high quality strategy and support programme.

Find out what others are doing

We have a great selection of case studies on our website to inspire you with lots of great approaches to high quality engagement. Below are a few to get you started: