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Biochemical Society, Science Outreach Grants
Funding available: Up to £1,000
The Society wishes to support scientific outreach activities that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people and the community. There are two round of applications per year, in September and April.

British Ecological Society, Outreach Grants
Funding available: Up to £2,000
These grants are designed to support the promotion of ecological science to a wider audience through the organisation of public events. Individuals and organisations, including society members, researchers, schools, museums, libraries and community groups, are eligible to apply.

BBSRC, Innovator of the Year
Funding available: Up to £15,000
Launched in 2008 this competition rewards bioscience researchers for outstanding impact, recognising individuals or teams who have derived an impact from their research.

Black Environment Network, The Ethnic Minorities Award Scheme for Environmental Projects
Funding available: Up to £500
Small grants are available to schools, community groups and individuals undertaking projects which concern the environment and involve people from ethnic communities. Grants are for innovative projects which do not fit into the grant categories of other larger environmental grant schemes.

British Society of Immunology, Community Immunology Grants
Funding available: Up to £1,000
The aims of the Grants are to stimulate interest, discussion and understanding of immunology amongst a wider audience, support formal and informal learning about immunology and target a wide range of audiences.

Holmes Hines Memorial Fund
Funding available: No set amount, likely to be max. £1,500
Administered by the EPSRC, small awards are available to help individuals or organisations with any scientific or engineering based activities where public funds are not available.

Institute of Physics, Public Engagement Grant Scheme
Funding available: £1,500
The scheme provides financial support to individuals and organisations running physics-based events and activities in the UK and Ireland.

Medical Research Foundation, Alexander Fleming Dissemination Awards
Funding available: Up to £30,000
These awards provide support for the dissemination of MRC and Medical Research Foundation-funded research results beyond the scientific peer reviewed press, to patients, participants, practitioners and policy makers.

NERC: Engaging Environments
Funding available: Up to £800,00
This consortium and capacity building stage aims to build a long-term, effective and innovative public engagement community, and support the formation of collaborative teams who will then go on, in a second stage, to bid to lead one, ambitious, large-scale project that will achieve national impact and recognition in engaging the UK public with contemporary issues of environmental science.

Nuffield Research Placements
The placements provide over 1,000 post-16 students each year with the opportunity to work alongside professional scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Royal Academy of Engineering, Ingenious
Funding available: £3,000-£30,000
Ingenious is a grant scheme for projects that engage the public with engineers and engineering. The next round will open mid-2015.

Royal College of Pathologists, Public Engagement Innovation Grant Scheme
Funding available: £500
Grants are available for individuals or organisations who wish to develop pathology-related public engagement activities or events.

Royal Society of Chemistry, Event Grants
Funding available: Up to £500
The RSC awards grants of up to £100 per academic year to help Student Chemical Societies stage an event that will benefit/promote chemistry and/or promote the RSC and the Student Chemical Society and help recruit new members. Student Chemical Societies can also bid for extra grants of up to £500 to stage a larger event.

Royal Society of Chemistry, Outreach Fund
Funding available: £2,000-£50,000
The Outreach Fund aims to encourage and support the development of projects that raise awareness of the place of chemistry in people's everyday lives, especially those not already interested in chemistry, and/or develop the science communication skills of people who are already highly trained in chemistry.

Science & Technology Facilities Council, Public Engagement Small Awards Scheme
Funding available: £500-£10,000
The Public Engagement Small Awards Scheme provides funds for small, local or 'pilot' projects promoting STFC science and technology.

Science & Technology Facilities Council, Public Engagement Large Awards Scheme
Funding available: £10,000-£100,000
Provides funds for projects which are expected to have a significant regional or national impact. Open to all but should have strong links with the STFC scientific research community.

Science & Technology Facilities Council, IOP & IET, Schools Grant Scheme
Funding available: £500
The scheme is for projects or events linked to the teaching or promotion of physics or engineering.

Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre Project Grant
Funding available: 50% of the total project costs
Projects are commissioned directly with policy makers in line with priority areas for engagement in science and technology. Funding can be given to Government departments, agencies and Executive Non Departmental Public Bodies (providing there is support from a central Government department).

Society for Endocrinology, Public Engagement Grants
Funding available: Up to £1,000
These grants have been developed to help Society members and non-members organise and deliver outreach activities, aimed at school children and/or the general public, to communicate the science of endocrinology.

The Physiological Society, Outreach Grants
Funding available: Up to £1,000
For Ordinary Members, Affiliates and Associate Members of The Society to run an outreach or public engagement activity. This could be a schools visit, a Meet the Scientists event at a science museum or an event at a science festival. It could be a stand-alone activity, or organised as part of a wider event.

The Physiological Society, Public Engagement Grants
Funding available: £5,000
Grants open to members and non-members to run projects that engage with a public audience covering any aspect of physiology, with particular encouragement of projects that involve collaborations between science communicators, facilitators of public engagement, and physiology researchers.

The Scottish Government, Talking Science Grants Scheme
Funding available: Various
This grants programme is aimed at supporting public activities and events that get people talking about science, technology, and engineering and how they impact on our everyday lives. Funding will be awarded to projects that take science activities to a public audience in rural or remote parts of Scotland, or disadvantaged areas.

The Royal Society, Partnership Grants
Funding available: Up to £3,000
The scheme offers funding to support teachers, scientists and engineers to bring science alive and inspire young people in primary and secondary schools across the UK. Projects must involve a teacher and a practising UK scientist/engineer. Grants are awarded to the school.

UK Space Agency, Space for All Community Funding Scheme
Funding available: Up to £5,000
This is a competitive process which offers small grants to groups ready to present the UK's space programme and stimulate the use of space in inspiration and learning.

Wellcome Trust, Co-production Awards (Broadcast, Games and Film)
Funding available: Up to £40,000
Co-production Awards support TV, radio, games or film projects that engage (as a whole or in part) with biomedical science and its impact on our lives in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way.

Wellcome Trust, Development Awards (Broadcast, Games and Film)
Funding available: £10,000
Awards for a maximum of one year are available for individuals and organisations with brilliant early-stage ideas for television, radio, games platforms or cinema with a strong vision for a project that engages audiences with issues around biomedical science in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way.

Wellcome Trust, Engagement Fellowships
Funding available: Financial support for 2 years, plus project costs, training etc.
Engagement Fellowships aim to support and develop upcoming stars in public engagement with science.

Wellcome Trust, International Engagement Awards
Funding available: Up to £30,000
Supports public engagement projects and work that builds capacity for engagement with biomedical research in Sub-Saharan Africa, South-east Asia and South Asia.

Wellcome Trust, People Awards & Society Awards
Funding available: Up to £30,000
Two related schemes supporting projects that encourage the public to explore biomedical science, its impact on society and culture, its historical roots or the ethical questions that it raises.

Wellcome Trust, Science Learning+
Funding available: Phase 1:£70,000 (2014/15); Phase 2: £1.5m (2015/6)
Science Learning+ is an international initiative that aims to understand the power of informal learning experiences inside and outside of school.

Wellcome Trust, Senior Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities
Funding available: £200,000
Supports exceptional, world-class researchers who hold an established academic position and have a compelling long-term vision for their research. Research in medical history and humanities should address the important questions at the interface of science, medicine and the wider humanities including the social sciences and the arts.