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We help universities engage with the public

Vision, mission and aims

The NCCPE seeks to support a culture change in the HEI sector through our vision, mission and aims.

Our vision of a higher education sector making a vital, strategic and valued contribution to 21st-century society through its public engagement activity.

Our mission to support universities to increase the quality and impact of their public engagement activity.

Our three strategic aims:

1. Inspire a shift in culture

  • By supporting universities in bringing about strategic change that embeds public engagement
  • By identifying, developing and disseminating evidence-informed practice

2. Increase capacity for public engagement

  • By brokering and encouraging the sharing of effective practice
  • By capturing learning from the beacons and beyond and sharing it widely

3. Build effective partnerships to encourage partners to embed public engagement in their work

  • By informing, influencing and interpreting policy
  • By raising the status of public engagement