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UKCPN Past events

UKCPN logoThis section contains links to the UK Community Partner Network (UKCPN) past events with resources relating to some of the major events held over the last few years, and we’re very grateful to our speakers for letting us share their work.

Summit 2012

This was a two day event attended by both community partners and academics, aimed at deciding if there was the need for a UKCPN. Take a look at more details and resources from this event.

Summit 2013

This was a two day event aimed purely at community partners to share the learning from the working group, seek feedback and decide on next steps. Take a look at more details and resources from this event.

Other events

We’ve been busy getting around the country and talking to people! Some of the other events we’ve taken part in recently are:

July 2014: Connected Communities Festival, Cardiff

  • Delivered a seminar about the UKCPN and CUPs, view a video from the event here.
  • Set up an exhibition stand and distributed information throughout the event
  • Facilitated a workshop for people to share their experience of working with CUPs
  • Provided some bursaries for members of the network to attend the event

June 2014: Evolve Conference, Manchester

Delivered a workshop “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: what is it really like to partner with a university and how can you ensure that your work together is good?”

June 2014: Regional Community Partner Event, Cardiff

Delivered a workshop on Community-University Partnerships (CUPs), in partnership with Cap-a-Pie Theatre Company and Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

May 2014: Healthy and Resilient Communities Conference, Canada

Delivered a key note speech on CUPs.

April 2014: Annual Conference of the Association of University Administrators, Manchester

Delivered a workshop on CUPs.

April 2014: 6th Living Knowledge Conferenc, Copenhagen

Delivered a seminar about the UKCPN, the community partner perspective and CUPs in the UK context

November 2013: NCCPE Engage Conference, Bristol

Delivered a workshop to launch the UKCPN: seeking brave ideas.

July 2013: Connected Communities Festival, Edinburgh

  • Set up an exhibition stand and distributed information throughout the event
  • Delivered a seminar about the UKCPN and CUPs

June 2013: Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community Sector (ARVAC) Annual Conference, London

Keynote address and participation in panel discussion

February 2013: Ethics in Community-Based Participatory Research, Durham

Keynote delivered from the community partner perspective

December 2012: NCCPE Engage Conference, Bristol

  • A workshop to consult with others about creating a community partner network
  • Participated in specialist workshop about external perspectives on working with universities
  • Contributed the community partner perspective to a roundtable, radio show style discussion about what society wants from universities and the future of the engaged university

July 2012: Connected Communities Programme Summit, Manchester

Co-delivered a breakout session, “Building community partner resilience” 

Field trips & visits

You might like to know about the field trips and visits we’ve made to learn from other contexts and make this work thrive UKCPN Field Trip Summary

Or read the reports and articles we have written:

Looking for up and coming events? You’ll find them all in the main NCCPE events section, simply tick the 'UK Community Partner Network' box at the top.