Get involved with the National Forum

How to get involved with the National Forum for Public Engagement in STEM.

Image credit: British Science Association

The National Forum for Public Engagement in STEM is keen to ensure we are responsive to the needs of people working to engage the public with STEM. This could be as researchers in universities; science communication practitioners; businesses committed to STEM outreach; funders and policy makers; or practitioners and educators from other sectors (for instance, the arts, museums, broadcasting, education and community development). We want to help to build common purpose across these different communities.

There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to our work. The best place to start is to talk with us. It would be good to hear from you whether you are working on a project that speaks to the priorities we are working on, or would like to contribute your personal experiences of public engagement with STEM and would like to get more involved in our work. We are currently supporting a number of collective projects and we welcome organisations and individuals outside the Forum to contribute to these. We also facilitate a bi-annual networking event to bring people across the sector together to develop practice and share learning. Our next event will take place in 2020.

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If you would like to find out more about any of these activities and the work of the Forum and its sub-groups you can contact the Secretariat directly: