Announcing our PEP Insights Peer Researcher Team

The NCCPE has launched a research study to explore the impact of COVID-19 on public engagement professionals and the engagement work of universities.

This current context has provided a real opportunity to step back, and reflect, and to plan differently for the future. It has also shone a light on inequalities, and how these have and will be exacerbated by the pandemic.

The research project aims to understand better the experiences of PEPs and their institutions, researchers and partners within this context, and consider the opportunities and challenges raised. We have recruited a team of peer researchers who will conduct the research, and help us to make sense of the data.

Our peer researcher team is:

  • Larissa Allwork
  • Kim Aumann
  • Niyah Campbell
  • Lorraine Coghill
  • Bentley Crudgington
  • Natt Day
  • Stuart Dunbar
  • Zoe Knowles
  • Sophie Morris
  • Shauni Sanderson

The results of this piece of research will be:

  • Shared with PEPs, to inform their own leadership and advocacy within their own contexts
  • Used to inform funders to consider how they can best support the engagement ecosystem which is so critical to the future
  • Used to inform the NCCPE’s work – to ensure we offer appropriate support to the sector, including PEPs, university leaders, partner organisations, etc

You can take part in the research in one of two ways:

  • Volunteer to participate in a focus group: We are planning to run online focus groups to promote discussion and exchange addressing the research questions
  • Do our survey: We will also be running an online questionnaire, which we hope you will be prepared to complete

If you'd like to volunteer to be interviewed, participate in a focus group, or take the survey, please fill in this short expression of interest form.