equity and inclusion

Acting on Inclusion - mini film series

updated on 23 Nov 2023
1 minute

Inclusion is central to today’s conversations about public engagement with research. But why does it matter? 

In this mini series filmed in 2023, Sophie Duncan, Co-director of the NCCPE, considers this question and others alongside three speakers, Fay Scott, Louise Archer and Jude Fransman, who have dedicated their work to building inclusive practices. 

Sophie Duncan, Jude Fransman, Fay Scott, Louise Archer (R-L) sat in armchairs around a coffee table, with filming and sound equipment around them, smiling at the camera

About our speakers:

Louise Archer is a professor of education and Karl Mannheim Chair of Sociology of Education at University College London. Louise’s research focuses on education and inequalities in education, and her work has included developing the Equity Compass as part of the Youth Equity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Fay Scott is Senior Public Involvement Manager at the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and Co-chair of the NIHR’s Race Equality Public Action Group (REPAG). REPAG developed the race equality framework to address systemic inequalities in health and care research. Race Equality Framework

Jude Fransman is an honorary associate at the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology with a focus on inclusive knowledge production. Her work reaches from the national to the hyperlocal. Her current projects include advising UK funders on inclusive funding and designing a programme about what works in research engagement for inclusive knowledge mobilisation.