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Mini EDGE tool: Staff

Do you ensure all staff - in academic and support roles - have opportunities to get involved?

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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Why does involving your staff matter?

“Sharing your work can bring enjoyment to those you engage with and in return, new ideas and a personal sense of satisfaction.”

Dr Mark Jabbal, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Manchester 

Elsewhere in ‘Planning for change’ we’ve identified a host of ways in which staff can be supported in and recognised for their public engagement activity. This section provides a ‘lens’ for you to review how effectively all of that activity adds up from the point of view of the people who could potentially be involved.  

It is important to consider the following areas:

Awareness and participation

How many of your staff can articulate the value of public engagement, and understand how it can be integrated into their core work?

Staff opportunities

Do all staff have the opportunity to get involved in public engagement, and do they perceive the organisation to be supportive of their efforts?

Involvement of support staff

Administrative and support staff have a tremendous contribution to make. Do they understand and support public engagement and actively contribute to making it a visible and important part of the institution’s work?

Next steps

Download the staff EDGE tool to help you work through this area.