Reports and reviews

Pathways to culture change

Lessons for culture change from the 10 universities who participated in RCUK's Catalyst Seed Fund project from 2015 - 2018.

updated on 03 Nov 2023
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This series of reviews seeks to crystallise the learning from the Catalyst Seed Fund projects (CSFs). We want to ensure that other HEIs can benefit from the insights of these institutions by sharing the journeys they have travelled, the learning they have done, and the tools they have generated. 

The ten CSF projects were established in 2015 and have evidenced significant impact within their host universities. The Pathways to Culture Change report tells an encouraging story of what can be achieved relatively quickly with a limited budget. 

These lessons amplify what we already learnt with the Catalysts for Public Engagement with Research and the Beacons for Public Engagement. For instance, the value of the EDGE tool for projects who are starting out on a culture change project and the Engage Watermark process – which provides critical intelligence to those wanting to develop effective support for public engagement, and an opportunity to celebrate current practice.