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Lessons from the School-University Partnerships Initiative (SUPI)

Explore the inspiring case studies and rich resources created by School-University Partnerships Initiative (SUPI) projects, over the course of the four year Research Councils UK programme.

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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How can teachers and university researchers work together to bring cutting-edge research into the classroom? 

In 2013, following a competitive awards process, Research Councils UK (RCUK) initiated the Schools-University Partnerships Initiative (SUPI). They funded 12 partnership projects, involving universities working with local schools, to develop long-term school-university partnerships that made a difference to school students, teachers, researchers, and research.

Whist each SUPI developed a bespoke approach, sensitive to contextual factors, they shared four key aims:

  • to inspire the next generation by bringing research into formal and informal learning contexts
  • to reach secondary school students from a diversity of backgrounds and abilities
  • to provide researchers with opportunities and training to engage with secondary school students
  • to support secondary schools and HEIs to work together to create structured, strategic, sustainable and equitable mechanisms for school-university engagement

The NCCPE was appointed to co-ordinate the SUPI network, providing support for the projects and drawing together learning from across the programme. Explore case studies, resources and lessons from the programme.