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EPPE Programme Evaluation and learning report

Lessons from the Enhancing Place-based Partnerships in Public Engagement programme (EPPE) programme, which sought to build collaborative, place-based public engagement between UK universities and communities.

updated on 04 Oct 2023
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The Enhancing Place-based Partnerships in Public Engagement programme was funded by the UKRI and co-ordinated by the NCCPE and ran from 2019-2021. It was based on previous work the NCCPE had done on equity in place-based research, innovation and public engagement.

With the programme, UKRI hoped to create a new space for communities, and the research organisations that form part of those communities, to establish collaborative and relevant approaches to engagement with research and innovation. And, in turn, shape and generate new knowledge owned by the ‘place’.

This final evaluation and learning report, developed by Collaborate CIC, is based on insights gathered from the desk research and engagement undertaken with EPPE project partners during August – December 2020.