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Engaged Futures full report

A consultation about the future of higher education and the role of public engagement in shaping that future.

updated on 21 Aug 2023
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In February 2013, the NCCPE launched a consultation to explore the future of the Engaged University in 2025. The consultation sought to stimulate debate, create new visions for the future and explore how universities might need to change to bring these visions to life. The process drew upon the opinions of a wide range of stakeholders within and outside the HE sector and sought to reveal and understand the contexts and trends shaping the sector and engagement practices, and people’s aspirations for the future. The consultation asked stakeholders:

  • What might an Engaged University of the future be like?
  • What are the key changes / forces of change that may affect its engagement models? 
  • How can we build upon existing practices within and outside the HE sector to strengthen our partnerships with other organisations and affect change?
  • What can we do to ensure that universities remain relevant and engaged with society?
  • How has discussion about engagement changed over the last few years, and how might this change in the light of challenges we currently face within the HE sector and society as a whole?

This report synthesises key findings from a consultation based on empirical research (12 workshops and 30 in depth interviews) with representatives from over 40 UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), nine major funding bodies, and over 60 partner organisations.