Public Engagement and the KEF

This collection gathers together the evidence and analysis that the NCCPE has contributed to inform the development of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF). The KEF is run by Research England for English HE Providers (HEPs). It invites HEPs to provide periodic self-assessments of their strategic support for Public and Community Engagement.

updated on 06 Oct 2023
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The place of Public and Community Engagement in KEF1 and KEF 2

The idea of a Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) was first floated in 2017 by the UK government, who wanted more information about how Higher Education Providers (HEPs) were serving the economy and society for the benefit of publics, businesses and communities. The KEF was piloted by Research England with a sample of providers during Spring 2019. The first full process was finalised in 2020, with participating institutions requested to submit narrative statements by October 2020 and publication in March 2021.

A second iteration of the KEF was run in 2022. The NCCPE has published a number of reviews and consultation responses to inform the development of the KEF

The origins of the KEF

The NCCPE produced a number of briefing document and consultation reponses to inform the development of the KEF.