What Works: Public Engagement in Practice

A series of events crowdsourcing intelligence and resources relating to different engagement topics.

The NCCPE is launching a new series of events, and we need your help.

As part of our work to support the development of high quality public engagement, we have noticed a growing need for resources that synthesise what we already know about different areas of engagement practice. The 'What Works' programme is a process to crowd source intelligence and resources relating to different engagement topics, and then synthesise this into a useful guide. Here’s how it works...

What Works process

Stage 1: Choosing a topic

We invite you to share topics you think could benefit from this approach. The topic could be a type of engagement e.g. public engagement through social media; an audience / participant group e.g. engaging with secondary school pupils; an area of research e.g. genome editing; or a tool to support engagement work e.g. evaluating live events.

Stage 2: Desk research

Once a topic has been selected, we will do a quick piece of desk research to capture what is easily accessible online, and to find key individuals / networks who have an interest or expertise in the topic area. We will share this on our website.

Stage 3: Crowd sourcing evidence

We will launch a call for evidence, asking people to share case studies; resources; tips; names of networks, organisations or individuals who could help.

Stage 4: Hosting an event for experts in the chosen topic to synthesise the learning into a draft resource / guide

We will convene a group of people with specific interest and expertise in the topic area. This meeting will be an opportunity to review the submitted evidence, and synthesise the learning into a draft guide.

Stage 5: Publishing a topic guide

Following the event, a topic guide will be created and published on the NCCPE website. This will provide a key set of top tips to think about when addressing the topic, and links to resources and guides submitted to the process. All contributions that have informed the guide will be referenced, and links provided where available, ensuring credit is given to the originators of this information.

Topics under development

We are currently researching the following topics:

  • How to support artist and researcher collaborations 
  • Involving school students in authentic research

What Works resources

The NCCPE, together with the University of Leicester and a network of artists, researchers and engagement brokers, have co-developed a new expert resource, exploring the current landscape of art-research collaborations, and how they can enrich and challenge our approaches to public engagement with research. 

Download the artist-researcher collaborations guide 

Following a sucessful What Works evidence review and event, we have published a guide to engaging the public through social media:

Download the social media guide

Get involved

If you would like to suggest a topic for the What Works programme (either because you would be interested in a guide on this topic to inform your work, or you have expertise you are keen to share), please contact Steph Todd via stephanie.todd@uwe.ac.uk.